Dbasix Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

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Belt Conveyor
Aluminium Profiles
Aluminium Profiles Structure
Factory and Facilities
Lanco Pallet Transfer System
FPD Conveyor
About Us
Company Profile
DBASIX is experienced in the standard component industry in relation to machine structure, motion devices and conveyors. We are committed to constant research in developing effective solutions to the varied requirements of industrial automation.
The DBASIX profile system is easy to process and quick to assemble. It's flexible and modular construction means it can be easily modified and re-used at any time.  
Aluminium Profiles
Aluminium Profiles 5 Series  
-P5 20x20 M  ;P5 40x20 M  ;P5 40x40 M

Aluminium Profiles 6 Series
-P6 30x30 L  ;P6 60x30 L  ;P6 60x30 L  ;P6 60x60 L  ;H6 30x30 

Aluminium Profiles 8 Series
-P8 40x40 XL/L/M/H
-P8 80x40 XL/L/M  ;P8 80x80 L  ;P8 45x45 L  ;P8 60x45 L
-P8 90x45 L  ;P8 90x90 L  ;H8 40x40 UL/XL/L  ;H8 80x40 XL/L

Aluminium Profiles
Aluminium Profiles 8 Series
-P8 40x16 XL  ;P8 80x16 XL  ;P8 40x40X45°L  ;P8 40xR40x90° L
-Aluminium Angle Bar
-Free flow conveyor Profiles
-Belt conveyor Profiles
Aluminium Profiles and Accessories
DBASIX Machine Elements
-Profiles Plastic End Cap
-Leveling Adjuster

Aluminium Profiles and Accessories
DBASIX Machine Elements
-Drop-in Fastener
-Aluminium Profiles End Plate
-Leveling Clamp
Screw and Component Rack
Screw and component rack using profile system.
Screw and component rack
Screw and component rack using profile system.
Pallet Transfer System, LANCO
Lanco Pallet Transfer System is an efficient modular, non-synchronous pallet transfer platform for material handling, assembly and test systems. It is suitable for creating lean manufacturing cells, and for building semi or fully automatic systems.
Flat Panel Display handling components
Produce the best quality products in a Clean Environment.
FDP Conveyor Components
-Magnet Sets
-Bearing Block
FDP Conveyor Components
-SUS Shaft
-End Cap
FDP Conveyor Components
Key Phases,
-SUS Hollow Shaft
-Bearing Holder_Roller
-Bearing Holder_Drive
-Roller Set (Sleeve, Flange)
-Shaft End Cap
-Magnet Sets
-Conveyor frame
-Clean Room
-Clean Environment
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