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No. 2155, Jalan Besar Permatang Tinggi, Taman Perindustrian Ringan Usaha Jaya, 14000, Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang
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  • We are specialize in:-
    • Transparent Shutter
    • Roller Shutter Motor
    • Light & Heavy Duty Roller Shutters
    • Fire-Rated Roller Shutters
    • Pallet Racking
    • Racking System
    • See-Thru Roller Shutters
    • Mezzanine Racking
    • Racking 
    • Aluminium Grilies Roller Shutters       
    • Rolling Shutters
    • Roller Shutters
    • Storage Systems
    • Doors - Shutters
    • Shutters
    • Gates
    • Racks
    • Shelving - Industrial & Commercial
  • Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Pallet Racking
    Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Pallet Racking
    Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) pallet racking system, pallet racks can be placed closer together than other solutions because they are loaded and unloaded using a side loading fork truck. This enables aisles to be extremely narrow and ensures that space is used efficiently. 
  • Cantilever for Steel Tubing
    Cantilever for Steel Tubing
    In its basic form, a one bay Cantilever Rack consists of two vertical columns with horizontal load bearing arms attached by bolting at various levels. The horizontal load bearing arms project out from one or both sides of the upright columns at approximately 90 degrees. Capacities for the arms are based on UDL.
  • Cantilever Racking System
    Cantilever Racking System
    Cantilever racks are the most popular type of rack used for storing large and awkward items. These racks are big enough to store long, flat items on and they can also do it in an organized manner.
  • Deep Reach Pallet Racking
    Deep Reach Pallet Racking
    Double Deep/Deep Reach Pallet Racking increase storage efficiency by improving pallet density, but it accomplishes this while maintaining a high number of pick faces in your warehouse. Thus, neither accessibility nor efficiency is compromised in this cost effective bulk storage system. 
  • Metalite Shelving System
    Metalite Shelving System
    The messy and time consuming task of bolting and tying of uprights with horizontal member is over. Metech’s proven and time tested light duty shelving systems is an improved version of the age old slotted angle shelving systems.
  • Aluminium Grilies Roller Shutters
    Aluminium Grilies Roller Shutters
    The Aluminium Security Grille is designed to provide security for internal applications with provisions for ample vision and ventilation. It is designed to suit security closures to entrances, passages, doorways, bars, cash and servery counters. It is also recommended for partitioning areas such as clubs, hotels, shopping centres etc.
  •  Heavy Duty Racks
    Heavy Duty Racks
    High Quality Heavy Duty Racks. Heavy Duty Pallet racks & Heavy duty racks with Decking Panels are supplied from our organization. This item is applicable in all industries having warehouses for storing heavy duty items. We offer multiple colors and different packaging options as per customer’s requirement.
  • Metalock Drive In System
    Metalock Drive In System
    Metalock Drive-In Racking Systems CH Metal Drive in racking system is the ideal solution and alternative to high density conventional block stacking. It can be designed with various depths according to requirements and allows the storage of homogenous products for each lane. The operation of such racking system is normally LIFO ( Last In First Out).
  • Push Back Racking
    Push Back Racking
    Push Back Racking system holds a series of nested rolling carts which operate in a lane that slopes upwards away from the pick face. This rack acquired its name because the lift truck operator lines up in front of the first pallet and pushes against it, causing the first pallet to roll away from the pick face and expose the next cart.
  • Pallet Flow Racking
    Pallet Flow Racking
    Pallet Flow racking system uses gravity-driven conveyers to move pallets. Pallet Flow lanes can contain either roll tracks which require higher quality pallets, or full width rollers which work with a variety of pallet qualities.
  • Double Deep Racking System
    Double Deep Racking System
    • Can be protected against fire, fork truck operator error and accidental damage.
    • Features various fram and beam sections and sizes for light and heavy duty needs.
    • Optional storage accessories are available for awkward and non standard loads. 
  • Mezzanine Racking
    Mezzanine Racking
    • Great productivity, savings, and profit.
    • The mezzanine can be written off as capital equipment. 
    • Maximize your inventory control. 
    • Speed up product distribution. 
    • Eliminate leased space costs. 
    • Suitable for storaging goods of few varieties but great quantity
    • Save building maintenance costs. 

  • Light & Heavy Duty Roller Shutter
    Light & Heavy Duty Roller Shutter
    • Cost effectiveness and finest quality
    • Durable and excellent security
    • Size of the door can be up to 12 meter width and 10 meter high.
    • Quick and Easy Operation Methods
  • See Thru Roller Shutter
    See Thru Roller Shutter
    • Visibility for shops displayed products
    • Ventilation allows air circulation for the shop
    • Strong and modern appearance at affordable price