Paling Horticulture Sdn. Bhd.

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Lot 61, Jalan Subang Sungai Buloh, 47000, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Mobile Phone 012-372 2006
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We Supply/Wholesale:
*Flowers & Plants
*Gardening Tools
*Servicing Garden
*Landscaping & Etc.

We Specialists:
*Finding Kind Of Special Flower & Plants

*Garden Design
*Home and Garden
*Gardening Tools
*Gardening Services
*Flowers and Plants
*Landscape Designer
*Landscape Equipment and Supplies
*Garden Designing
*Garden Decoration
*Landscape Products
*Garden Supplies
*Garden Wholesalers and Manufactures
*Garden Products

  • Company Profile
    Paling Horticulture is one of the many nurseries located along the Selangor Green Lane in Sungai Buloh, the favourite 'garden mall' along ardent gardeners. Paling Horticulture is the supplier and wholesaler of flower plants, pots and gardening tools. Besides that the operator also provides landscaping and garden maintenance services as well as being a specialist in finding special kind of flowers and plants.
  • Garden Products
    Garden Products
      • There are various stones, pots, garden accessories, soil and plant feetilizers.
  • Plant Variety Rating
    Plant Variety Rating
      • There are lots of small potted ferns, cacti, flowers and shrubs.
      • The whole nursery was colourful and there are also many types of coleus and desert roses.
      • The kalanchoes, celosia and crysanthemum came in various colours.
  • Plant Variety Rating
    Plant Variety Rating
      • Neat-looking tillandsia
      • Guzmania
      • Hydrangeas
      • Portulacca
      • Miniature fushcia
      • Orchid
      • Begonia rose
      • African violet plants
  • Plant Variety Rating
    Plant Variety Rating
      • Cool foliages such as begonia, peperomia, philodendron, anthurium, syngonium and caladium.
      • Herb plants, pitcher plant and crypthanthus.
  • Plant Condition Rating
    Plant Condition Rating
      • Poinsettia
      • Desert Rose
      • Begonia
      • Euphorbia milii
      • Gloxiana