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• Underground Utilities Detection
• Sewer Inspection
• GPR - Ground Penetration Radar
• Cable and Pipe Locator
• Manhole Cover Locator
• Metal Locator
• Light Tower
• Sewer Plugs
• CCTV Inspection System
• Pipeline Rehabilitation
• Zoom Camera
• Water Leack Detection Equipments
• Ground Microphone
• LNC - Lak Noice Correlator
• Listenning Stick
• Quick View Camera
• High Presure Water Jetter
• Cleaning Machines

  • About Us
    RDG, a leading supplier of underground cable and pipe location, camera inspection and sewer rehabilitation equipments. Its products are vital safety tools for any industry involved in digging activities from major utility companies to horizontal drilling, drainage, inspection, contractors and more..
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    Utility companies worldwide rely on Cable & Pipe Locator to prevent accidental damage to buried underground utility services when excavating. Trenchless technologies enable pipe-laying companies to direct the drill and so speed up installation of utilities.

    It also reduces environmental impact. Down-hole inspection products use the latest digital CCTV in difficult environments to enable any pipeline owner or contractor to perform regular inspection and maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing sewer and other pipes. Cable Fault Detection and Pinpoint products quickly locate problems such as breaks or deteriorating cable insulation.

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    Commitment to the customer and after sales supports are the foundation of RDG’s success. This, combined with experienced, trained, skilled and dedicated workforce have introduced a range of products that are an essential to utility workers and contractors lives in SEA (South East Asia).

    RDG maintains a strong practice of ongoing continuous development training for it customers of new application and approaches, new technologies and industry requirements.

    To back up this commitment to excellence, RDG's customers benefit from an extensive service and technical support program.

  • Our Products

  • Simultaneously Multi Channel GPR
    Simultaneously Multi Channel GPR

    The IDS Detector Duo uses radar technology to locate buried utilities before starting trenching, drilling or no dig-operations. The product provides easy to interpret real time results, and locates the exact position of pipes, cables and bedrock. Compact, easy to transport and deploy, the detector should be the daily tool of contractors, local authorities and utility service providers.

    The Detector Duo helps prevent damage to cables and pipes and avoid the risk of pipe rupture during trenching and drilling operations. Easily used by a single operator, it can be folded and stored in a car trunk or backseat.

  • Utility Mapping System
    Utility Mapping System

    RIS MF Hi-Mod is the IDS top level product dedicated to underground utility network mappings and represents the latest array in the radar system evolution first introduced by IDS more than 10 years ago. This new system provides end-to-end "industrial" hardware and sofware answers to utility mapping.

  • Non Distructive Structural Analysis
    Non Distructive Structural Analysis

    The unique bi-polar antenna improves the imaging of both shallow and deep structures.

  • Radar Interferometry
    Radar Interferometry

    IDS is pioneering a revolutionary technology in the domain of geodetic measurements.This new technology, based on Radar Interferometry allows the remote monitoring of movements of large portions of territory (landslides, slopes, volcanoes, glaciers etc.) and of structures (dams, bridges, towers, buildings etc.) with sub-millimetre accuracy.

    IBIS technology revolutionizes the traditional approach to measuring the movements and deformations of territories and structures, both in static (slow displacements) and dynamic vibration measurements).

  • vLocPro

    The vLocPro is intended for use by field technicians to locate, trace and the position of buried utility pipes and cables.The vLocPro system is a completely new system for pipe and cable location.Designed by engineers experienced in the field of location, and incorporating ideas, and feedback from Customers the product addresses many of the shortcomings of locators.

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    The vLocPro system provides the functionality required by experienced field and the simplicity needed by novices.The system has a classic look, with an intuitive user interface design to minimize training needed when transition from other manufacturers equipment.Different and more application specific user interfaces will become available as new features and accessories are introduced.

    The vLocPro receiver is the first of a new generation of DSP dual core processor technology products designed and manufactured by Vivax.

  • Duct Runner
    Duct Runner

    The DuctRunner™ Technology is a patented gyroscope-based inertial measurement system designed for autonomous recording of positional data of onshore or offshore pipelines. Because the DuctRunnerTM Technology does not rely on on-line communication, such as GPS or tethering, it is ideally suited for underground use, regardless of depth or terrain.

    The system output provides an accurate picture of a pipe's 3D location which information is instrumental in a network operator's pipeline intergity program. In addition, several standard diagnostics charts provide specific detailed information. For example, detailed inclination angles are provided to assist flow model calculations in gravity waste water enviroments.

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    A team of dedicated engineers continuously incorporates field experience into the design and functioning of Reduct’s mapping tools. Because of its compact size, DuctRunnerTM Technology based Pipeline Mapping Systems are deployable in any utility pipe with an inner diameter as of 40mm or more.

    The compact design also allows for simple integration of the technology into existing (intelligent) inspection pigs.The modular design makes the DuctRunnerTM Technology ideally suited for the development of customised applications that meet technical specifications previously not considered possible. Modern testing facilities ensure that critical design specifications are well tested.

  • LD007 Advanced Manhole/Metal Locator
    LD007 Advanced Manhole/Metal Locator

    -Reliable and accurate-Up to 15M buired depth-User friendly-Large LCD display-Extendable & retractable for easy carry-Allowed free hands to works-Adjustable sensitivity and volume

  • Water Leak Detector
    Water Leak Detector

    The Aqua-M100D is used in the water supply bussines to pre-locate (testrod) and to calibrate leakages (geophone). In combination with the Pulse Wave Generator (PWG), it can also be applied to trace the run of a pipeline.

  • Hydrogen Leak Detector
    Hydrogen Leak Detector

    Hydrogen Leak Detector 9012 XRS is a considerable improvement of the well proven, never surpassed, Hydrogen Leak Detector 8012. It is not only lighter, tougher and smarter - it also helps you locate leaks much quicker and save time and money.

    Hydrogen Leak Detector 9012 XRS is a smart and ergonomic designed leak detector, featuring a sensitivity adjustor to instantly adapt the instrument to any leak detection condition. Equipped with a wide range of accessories, the 9012 XRS is the suitable instrument fot locating leaks on pressurized telephone cables, gas-filled power cables, petrol stations, water pipes, heating systems

  • Rovver

    ROVVER™'s modular design reconfigures easily to answer any combination of pipe size, material and condition. Steerability and a short wheelbase help it navigate past debris, offsets, and inverts.

  • Rovver Mainline
    Rovver Mainline

    Designed for pipes 9" to 60" ID (23 to 152 cm), ROVVER 225 is a rugged, all-wheel-drive pipe inspection crawler with adjustable viewing height, excellent maneuverability, and the power to inspect over rough terrain. A remote handheld pendant makes it easy to steer ROVVER 225 around multiple elbows and solid obstructions, and also control the crawler's focus, lighting and speed.

    Three chassis sizes allow inspection of pipelines 4” to 60” diameter. A fully automatic cable reel reduces the pulling burden on the crawler (extending inspection range) and prevents cable tangles during backward crawl. Compact in size and drawing less current, ROVVER™ systems are highly portable and require minimal operational overhead.