Pro-Hearing Audiolab System Sdn. Bhd.

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No. 9, Ground Floor, MMA House, 124, Jalan Pahang, 53000, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perskeutuan, Malaysia
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  • About Us
    We began as a small hearing aid dispenser in 1996. Today we are the leader in hearing health care services operating from 11 main dispensing outlets which are strategically located all over Malaysia. We are dedicated to uphold to the highest quality of services and products to meet the very need of hearing requirement of our clients.
  • Our Vision
    • To create hearing care awareness in the society.
    • To strike for early detection of hearing impairment and immediate solution.
    • To ensure the technology is accessible to the community to fulfill their hearing need at the affordable cost.
  • Services Available
    • Diagnostic : Pure tone and Impedence Audiometry, OAE Testing and BSER.
    • Therapy: Hearing Aid Fitting and follow-up care, Tinnitus re-Training Therapy.
    • Production: All customs earmoulds and In-The-Ear (micro-aids) custom production are of the highest quality control

  • Services Available2
    • Supply of other related equipment such as :-

    * Tinnitus masker

    * Ear protectors

    * Ear plugs

    * Sound booth

    * Alert equipment for the deaf

    * Audiometers

    * BSER machines

    * Impedence Meters

    * Materials for ear mould laboratory

    * Ear bands and equipment for the deaf schools.

    * Personal FM system

    • Wide range of hearing aid accessories.
  • Services Available3
    • We dispense only Siemens Hearing Aids ( Conventional, Digitally Programmable, and 100% Digital)
    • Complete Hearing Instrument Service and Repair
    • Computerised Hearing Aids Adjustment and Programming