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    As a Malaysia racking system manufacturer our company has strong technical support, advanced equipment, first-class office facilities and advanced management technology. Our service tenet is being convenient, all-inclusive and kind, actively responding customer requirements and saving money, trouble and time for customers and manufacturers. Heavy duty racking systems is provides a very high density storage. It is ideals for warehouses where it is necessary to keep a wide variety of products.
  • Longspan shelving racking system
    Longspan shelving racking system

    Longspan Shelving Racking System is designed for medium to large loads or items which need a wide span between frames / upright to store the products.

    There are various frames heights and depths with different weight loading capacity, which allows us to design the system to exact requirements.

  • Features and benefits :
    Features and benefits :

    *Metal or Plywood shelf at all levels

    *Recommended for factories with goods weighting >800Kg but without the

    availability of handling equipment

    *Allows manual rearranging of goods

    *Suitable for use in hypermarkets and in various small and medium industries

  • Pallet Racking SYstem
    Pallet Racking SYstem

    Selective Pallet Racking System provide cost-effective solution for high-capacity storage needs. This system is the most common used and well known pallet storage system in demand by all warehousing facilities requiring palletized storage and handling.It consists of upright frames and horizontal beams interlock to form the racking structure.

  • Advantages:

    *Optimizing storage spare (Utilize 40% floor space)

    *100% selectivity

    *Good stock rotation

    *Present compression damage to goods

    *Easy to configure and reconfigure with the boltless beam connections

    *Able to meet the requirement of safest heavy-duty storage application