Unique Fire Industry Sdn. Bhd.

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16, Jalan BK 1/12, Kinrara Industrial Park, Bandar Kinrara, Off Jalan Puchong, 47100, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
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Our Product:
• Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket
• Fire Sprinkler System And Equipment
• Fire Hydrant System/ Hose Reel & Equipment
• Fire Detection & Alarm System/ Fire Blanket
• Gas Suppression System/ Refilling And
Servicing Of FM200, Co2 & Wet Chemical Gases

  • About Us
    UNIQUE FIRE INDUSTRY SDN BHD has been established in 1997.

    Our Managing Director who is also the founder of our company, Mr. Liew Sen Hoi is an aggressive and vigorous business man with more than 30 years of experience actively involved as a Fire Contractor and previously handling many of the construction projects specializing in all aspects of installation of Fire Protection Equipments.
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    To date, our company is well known and recognized as one of the reputable company specialized in Trading and Servicing of Full Range Fire Protection Equipment in Malaysia.With the innovations and developments in the business environment, our company has proven a greater performance compare from previous manpower until to date’s success by teamwork quality management and strategies .
  • “Unique” Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
    “Unique” Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
    Unique Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher is the one of the multipurpose fire extinguishers available. This extinguisher effective on Class A (Ordinary combustible such as wood and paper), Class B (Flammable liquids such as gasoline and petroleum oil) and Class C (Electrical equipment such as motor and appliances) fires.
  • "Unique" Portable Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher
    "Unique" Portable Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher
    Is used for class B and C Fires. C02 Portable Fire Extinguishers contain Carbon Dioxide, a non flammable gas, and are highly pressurized. The pressure is so high that it is not uncommon for bits of dry ice to shoot out. C02 is heavier than oxygen, so these extinguisher will work by displacing or taking away oxygen from the surrounding area. C02 is cold and it will help to cool down the fuel.
  • "Unique" Dry Powder Wheeled (TROLLEY)Fire Extinguisher
    "Unique" Dry Powder Wheeled (TROLLEY)Fire Extinguisher
    "UNIQUE" ABC Dry Powder wheeled (trolley) fire extinguisher is effective for use on class A,B and C fire and it is ideal for industrial facilities. Long duration give professional users the extra extinguishing effect to extinguish rather large fires.
  • "Unique" Foam Fire Extinguisher
    "Unique" Foam Fire Extinguisher
    FOAM FIRE EXTINGUISHER are ideal for both A & B class fires. Extinguishers containing the agent AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) are specially suited for fires involving materials such as fats, petrol, oils, paints, etc. This foam also cools solid material fires.

    FOAM FIRE EXTINGUISHER are NOT suitable for electrical or deep fat fryer fires - wet chemical extinguishers should be used.
  • “Unique” Home Safety Kit
    “Unique” Home Safety Kit
    Fire Safety at home : Be Prepared

    Keep yourself, your family & your home safe from fire

    Fires can cause serious injury or death. Fires can also destroy your most cherished possessions & home. You can reduce the risk of fire occurring in your home by being aware of some protective fire safety measures.
  • Filling Series for Fire Extinguisher
    Filling Series for Fire Extinguisher
    Dry Powder filler Instrument is used for filling different kinds of portable and trundling fire powder extinguishers. The main parts filter are made of advanced material. The movement of cylinder is controlled by liquid pressure. It needs no replacing for life. It can also do self- washing automatically. It makes no pollution because of direct powder recycling.
  • "Unique" Indoor & Outdoor Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
    "Unique" Indoor & Outdoor Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
    2 types of Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
    • "Unique" Indoor Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
    • "Unique" Outdoor Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
  • "Unique" Fire Hose Reel
    "Unique" Fire Hose Reel
    "UNIQUE" FIRE HOSE REEL is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance to BS EN 671-1 Standard and Fire Hose is in accordance to BS EN694.
    The materials used in the manufacture of Fire Hose Reel and waterways assembly is provided with highest quality and better appearance.
  • "Unique" Fire Alarm Bell
    "Unique" Fire Alarm Bell
    "Unique" Fire Alarm Bell is professionally designed to meet the needs of fire fighting and detection system with central control equipment. The simplicity of the design incorporates fewer working parts, easy installation and high level of efficiency capable for operating under most adverse conditions. "Unique" Alarm Bells are designed to meet the requirement of BS5839 Part 1.
  • "Unique" Manual Call Point (Breakglass)
    "Unique" Manual Call Point (Breakglass)
    A device intended for the manual initiation of an alarm of fire in an electrical fire alarm system, operated by the breaking, by hitting or pressing of a frangible element forming part of the front face.
  • "Unique" Photoelectric Smoke Detector
    "Unique" Photoelectric Smoke Detector
    Smoke Detectors are designed to sense the product of combustion.
  • "Unique" Heat Detector
    "Unique" Heat Detector
    Heat Detectors are fire detection devices that sense heat produced by combust ion. Heat Detectors can trigger an alarm when they detect rapid temperature rise or reach a preset temperature.
  • "Unique" Twin Flashing Light
    "Unique" Twin Flashing Light
    • Low Power Consumption with high intensity light output
    • High efficient prismatic polycarbonate lens optimized for omnidirectional viewing
    • Black casing with green & Red Lens
    • Removable conduit plug for easy accessible
    • Luminary: Filament bulb & ultra bright Led
  • "Unique" Sealed Lead Acid Battery
    "Unique" Sealed Lead Acid Battery
    The Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable Battery, also known as VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery is leak - proof and maintenance free.
    • No Free Acid
    • Safe & Sealed
    • Maintenance free
    • Long service Life
    • Non Pollution
    • Gas Pressure Venting System
  • "Unique" Manual Key Switch
    "Unique" Manual Key Switch
    • Casing : Mild Steel
    • Colour : Signal Red
    • Net Weight : 760g
    • Dimension : 1025(W) x 105(H) x 100(D)mm
  • Gas Fire Extinguishing Panel
    Gas Fire Extinguishing Panel
    The discharge can be automatic using double knock detections or manual using electrical key switch or mechanical pull - bar applied directly on the cylinder.
  • "System Sensor" Smoke/ Heat Detectors
    "System Sensor" Smoke/ Heat Detectors
    The 800 series are 2-wire conventional low profile plug-in detectors designed to meet the performance criteria designated by UL. It is a low cost and high reliability series. A LED will be latched on to locally indicate alarm. The in (-) and out (-) terminals are short-circuited inside the detectors.
  • "Horing Lih" Smoke/ Heat Detectors
    "Horing Lih" Smoke/ Heat Detectors
    When detectors ambient temperature rises rapidly and has reached the pre-fire standard (operating temperature). inside of detector will inflate and then press the sensing diaphragm to conduct the metal contact Thus, the fire signal will be sent to control panel. Detector itself has auto balance function when temperature changed rapidly, so false alarm wouldn’t happen.
  • "Yama" Fire Hose
    "Yama" Fire Hose
    Single jacketted polyester fire hose, white with inner rubber-lining.
    • Exceptionally pressure-resistant
    • Abrasion-proof
    • Flexible
    • Frostproof
    • Rotproof
    • Space-saving
    • Light weight
    • Easy to maintain and handle
  • "Commander" Fire Hose
    "Commander" Fire Hose
    Single jacketted polyester fire hose, white with inner rubber-lining.
    • Exceptionally pressure-resistant
    • Abrasion-proof
    • Flexible
    • Frostproof
    • Rotproof
    • Space-saving
    • Light weight
    • Easy to maintain and handle
  • "Gomtex" Fire Hose
    "Gomtex" Fire Hose
    The GOMTEX fire hose is resistant to multiple agents: abrasion, acids, chemicals, extreme temperatures, cracking, delamination, heat, kinking, oils ozone, adverse weather conditions, etc.
  • "Unique" Valve
    "Unique" Valve
    • Suitable to use for inlet pressure up to 20bar
    • Setting for reduced outlet static pressure from 6 bar to 8 bar
    • When inlet pressure range from 7 bar to 20 bar, outlet pressure will remain constantly.