• Company Profile
    Established in March 2003, Combi Master Drives initially involved in general trading of industrial supplies.  Since then, we have evolved to become an IMPORTER of quality engineering products such as ELECTRIC MOTORS, GEAR REDUCERS, VARIABLE SPEED CONTROLS and etc.
  • In addition, we are distributor for power transmission products and electrical components for brand names such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens & etc.  We have also established strong local networks in sourcing power transmission products and automation equipments / parts.
  • Our Business Premises
    To further enhance our service network, we have expanded our business to strategic locations in Malaysia such as Klang Valley, Melaka, Johor, Penang and Perak.

    KL: ( Tel) 03-8961 6916  (Fax) 03-8961 6921
    Melaka: (Tel) 06-319-1339 (Fax) 06-317- 9241
  • Our Core Belief
    Combi Master Drives (M) Sdn. Bhd. believes in Quality Products & Credible Services.

    We strike to be open minded to customer concerns and to ensure quality products consistency.
  • Principal Business Activities
    o    Electric motors: SIEMENS, AEM, SIMEX
    o    Helical and worm reducer: VARMEX, CMD
    o    Electrical Components/Inverters: Schneider Electric/ABB
    o    Stainless Steel Pumps: ALMO
    o    Fractional HP Gear Motors: LIMING
    o    Control panel fabrication. Stainless Steel 304/316 wire mesh/netting
  • Brands
    We carry several brands in our product lineup that can help solve our customer's needs. We ensure that our products are reliable and at the highest quality possible.
  • Products - Electric Motors
    Products - Electric Motors
    An electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Here at Combi Master Drives, we provide our customers with a variety of electric motors to suit their needs. We have AC induction motors(Three phase and single phase), HP gear motors, brake motors, fan motors, cooling tower motors, and other special motors. Call us now and we will provide you the solution to your problems!
  • Products - Gear Reducers
    Products - Gear Reducers
    A mechanism by which the energy output of a motor is redirected to turn another mechanical component at a lower rotational speed and at a higher torque. We provide our customers with a variety of gear reducers, such as hallow shaft worm gear, helical bevel gear, helical worm gear, helical gear motor, variator, and worm gear.
  • Products - Variable Speed Controls and Electrical components
    Products - Variable Speed Controls and Electrical components
    An external electrical device that allows the user to control the speed of electric motors. It could range from soft starters to drivers, inverters, servo drivers & motors, circuit breakers, relays, contactors & etc. These electrical/electronic components let users gain control of the electric motor and gear that are being operated for optimum system performance and efficiency.