Valeshade Sdn. Bhd.

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187, Lebuh Pantai, 10300, Penang
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We are Specialised In
• Shade Sails, Sunshade, Parasols
• Tension Membrane Structures, Retractable Awnings
• Architectural Umbrellas
• Design, Supply, Fabricate, Install & Maintenance

  • About Us
    Valeshade is the friendliest and most reliable tension membrane structures and shade sails constructor, located in Penang, Malaysia.
  • We are specialize in:-
    • Landscape Product,Canopy Sales
    • Umbrella-Wholesales And Manufacturers
    • Canvas-Wholesales And Manufacturer
    • Tents, Awning And Canopies
    • Parasol, Sunshade
    • Retractable Awning
    • Shade Sail, Tensile Membrane
    • Renovation, Awning Wholesaler And Manufacturer
    • CanopySun-Control Product, Customize Canopy
    • Foldable Tent, Architectural Umbrellas
  • Vision, Mision, Capabilities, Quality
    Vision, Mision, Capabilities, Quality
    • Quality product & services
    • Continuous improvement
    • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Why Shade?
    Why Shade?
    Valeshade brand product range - awnings, carports, sun canopies, shade sails and custom shade structures offer a combination of aesthetic beauty, versatilily, durability and best-value-for-dollar shade products in the market. 
    • Sun Protection For Family
    • Commercial Aesthetic Beauty
    • Versatile & Durability
  • Our Product
    Our Product
    Valeshade have a wide range of products of shade sails, tension membrane structures, retractable awnings, sunshade, architectural umbrellas and parasols.  Your choice of products working together with our designers’ creativity will help us to deliver the best quality  of work for you, your family, your home and/or your business .Click on each of the products and finds out more...
  • Our Services
    Our Services
    Complete Design & Install Services
    3.Suppy & fabrication 

    Supply & Install Services:
    Valeshade is strived to supply you the highest quality materials workmanship and provide you best quality installation services. 

    Maintance Services:
    Valeshade is committed to provide the best service to you.
  • Shade Sails Canopy
    Shade Sails Canopy
    • Heavy duty superior imported commercial grade fabric (HDPE) which is made from virgin raw material.
    • Resist up to 96% UVA/B which is harmful to skin (varies with colours and makes).
    • Reduce temperature underneath, at least 15% cooler than conventional shades.
    • Free from rotting, mildewing, molding, colour fading.
    • Knitted construction for extra strength and durability. 
  • Sunshades
    • Tear strength without any additional reinforcement
    • Low space requirement
    • No bagging or sagging
    • Weather and dirt-resistant 
    • A sun protection allowing more light transmission 
  • Tension Membrane Structures
    Tension Membrane Structures
    • Resistant to extremes of temperature   
    • Excellent construction properties
    • Long life                                                                   
    • High level of pre-fabrication. 
  • Fabric
    Valeshade have a wide range of fabrics i.e.
    • Non-waterproof Sail cloth
    • Waterproof Woven Membrane
    • Non-waterproof Pvc Coated Polyester Membrane 
    • Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric
    • Water Resistant Sail Cloth
    • Waterproof Pvc Coated Polyester Membrane
    • PTFE (Teflon) 
  • Retractable Awnings
    Retractable Awnings
    • Extend and retract as you like (Control how much of light to penetrate into you home/shop by cracking or pressing on a button (motorized)
    • Robust Framework with strong and marine grade corrosion resistance.
    • Automatic control can provide safety factor by retracting the awning when dangerous winds or rains are detected.
    • With an appropriate fabric combination, which enhance the beauty of your home/ shop.
  • Architectural Umbrella
    Architectural Umbrella
    • Residential                         
    • Industrial / commercial                        
    • Shopping centres, Office buildings
    • Schools, universities, colleges      
    • Hospitals and health care facilities          
    • Child and aged care facilities
    • Promenades and forecourts           
    • Government and public buildings
    • Back yard pools, BBQ areas 
  • Parasols
    • Double pulley system for easy raising, lowering and tilting.
    • High impact resin hub & runner system in simulated wood grain & colour to prevent split
    • High impact resin top final 
  • Parasols
    • Sunbrella Hardwood Parasol - Square 
    • Sunbrella Hardwood Parasol - Round
    • Sunbrella Aluminium Parasol