• Euro Chemo-Pharma Sdn. Bhd.
    Euro Chemo-Pharma Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1975 as a distributor of chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials to a wide spectrum of industries.

    The company shift to emphasis from trading to manufacturing resulted in 1993. It had set up its own manufacturing division with a Research & Development Laboratory and throught its R&D labobratory and qualified chemist, Euro Chemo has emerged as a leading chemical supplier with value added services such as consultation and blending.
  • We are specialize in:-
    • Pigment
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Raw Materials
    • Solvent
    • Acetic Acicl
    • Food Chemical
    • Plating Chemical
    • Industrial Chemical
    • Antioxidant
    • Waste Water Treatment
    • Chemicals
    • Food & Beverages
    • Fiberglass Raw Material
    • Feed Raw Material
    • Dyestuff
    • Preservatives
    • Food Additives
    • Emulsifier
    • Food Chemicals
    • Plating Chemicals
    • Industrial Chemicals 
    • Fiberglass Raw Materials
    • Seasoning
    • Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
    • Feed Chemicals
  • Food Technology
    Food Technology
    * Food additives (preservatives, coatings, films, anticaking agents, flavor enhancer, gums, emulsifier, conditioner, acidulant, antioxidant, bleaching agent)

    * Food color and additives (natural or artificial)

    * Food flavor (natural or artificial, seasoning, spices)

    * Solvent (alcohol, oil, liquid, acid and alkaline), product conformity analysis

    * Food and drink formulations
  • Boiler Feed Chemicals
    Boiler Feed Chemicals
    • We are a trusted name engaged in formulating a unique array of Boiler Feed Chemicals for our clients. These products are used for various boiler water treatments like oxygen scavenging, sludge conditioning, alkalinity builder and prevention of carry OV. 
    • Furthermore, our is ideal to be used for chelating program, carbonate treatment program and phosphate treatment program.  
  • Plating Chemicals - Electro Plating Chemicals
    Plating Chemicals - Electro Plating Chemicals
    • In our wide range of products, we also provide superior Electro-Plating Chemicals. Our authentic array of chemicals is totally free from adulterants, and in compliance with the prevailing industry standards. Due to our excellent electro-plating chemicals, we have wee established our organization in the competitive market. Used in Pharmaceuticals, Printing and Dye industries.
  • Health and Medical
    Health and Medical
    • Dietary and nutrient supplements (Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, carbohydrate, lipid)
    • Healthy food product (Fiber drinks, Honey, Tea, Herbs, Formulated Milk)
    • Medicinal raw materials, food toxicity, consultation
  • Industrial Chemicals
    Industrial Chemicals
    • Lead a cleaner life style. Alternatives, advise and experiences.
    • Just 2 generations ago the chances are that in your family household, there were virtually no processed foods in the cupboard, all household cleaning was done with natural substances and 'air freshner' meant opening the windows.
  • Food Additives
    Food Additives
    Food additives are generally thought of as artificial chemicals that color and flavor processed foods, and have been a cause of concern and controversy.
  • Water Treatment
    Water Treatment
    We are professionals in water treatment and wastewater treatment. Our customers distributed more than ten major key industries water treatments, which are Food & Beverage, Sewage, Potable Water, Iron & Steel, Metal plating, Leather, synthetic fiber, Non-Ferrous Metal, Paper and other industries.
  • Chemical - Solvents
    Chemical - Solvents
    We offer a wide range of Chemical Solvents that are widely appreciated by the clients for their purity and precise pH value. Our Chemical Solvents are formulated in accurate composition and finds extensive application in electroplating industries, laboratory, printing, painting electroplating.
  • Preservatives
    As we all know the use of preservatives always causes discussion, but one thing is for sure, when you use water in products, it is important to add Preservatives to stop the growth of micro-organisms such as fungi and bacteria. Each Preservative has a specific use. 
  • Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate
    Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate
    Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate(AES, Sodium Laureth sulfate) 1) It is excellent foaming and detergency profiles and biodegradable surfactant 2) It has well anti-hard water efficiency and mild to skin 3) It has been widely used in cosmetics and washing products. Also can be used for smooth wet in industry in spinning, help to dye, detergent.
  • Colour
    Euro Chemo-Pharma also produce colour for Food and Industry.
  • Chemical  Solvents
    Chemical Solvents
    A solvent is a liquid, solid, or gas that dissolves another solid, liquid, or gaseous solute, resulting in a solution that is soluble in a certain volume of solvent at a specified temperature.