Artco Interior Design

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No. 35, Ground Floor, Jalan Taiping Utara, Taman Taiping Utara, 34600, Kamunting, Perak, Malaysia
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• Solid Hardwood Flooring
• Wallpaper and Curtains
• Laminate Flooring
• Insect Screen
• Kitchen Cabinet

  • Company Profile
      We specialized in:
    • Wallpaper
    • Solid Hardwood Flooring
    • Engineered Hardwood Flooring
    • CT Wood Ceiling (Anti Termite Free)
    • Laminate Flooring (Warranty 15 Years)
    • Interior Design
    • Langsir
    • Insect Screen (Jaring Nyamuk)
    • Renovation
  • Introduction
    Interior Design is a kind of living in the space of human subjects are engaged in the design profession, requires engineering technical knowledge, but also requires artistic theories and skills. Interior design is from the architectural design of the decorative parts evolved out.
  • Interior design can be divided into two major public building space and home categories. When we talk about interior design, it will also mentioned moving line, space, color, lighting, function, etc. related to important terms. Interior design is built to meet certain purposes preparatory work on the existing building interior space of deep processing of value-added preparations
  • Purpose is to allow the specific physical materials in the technical and economic aspects, in terms of feasibility formed under limited conditions can become qualified product preparations. According to the design depth points: interior design, interior preliminary design, interior construction design.
  • Master Bedroom Design
    Master Bedroom Design
  • Office Design
    Office Design
  • Living Hall Design
    Living Hall Design
  • Kitchen Design
    Kitchen Design
  • Bedroom Design
    Bedroom Design