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Portable, Fix Gas Analyzer Complete Solution of
CEMS Gas Analyzer System

  • Company Introduction
    LKS (M) SDN BHD is a Malaysian based company incorporated in earlier 1990. It is today a growing engineering company specializing in Instrumentation & Valve, Continuous Emission Monitoring System, Online Effluent Monitoring System, Dust Analyzer System, Total Boiler Control System, Auto Sterilizer Control System, Biogas Safety Cut-off System, Biogas Analyzer System, Tank Gauging System, Plant-Wide Monitoring System, Water Treatment Control System, Gas Analyzer Monitoring System, Telemetry Control System, Industrial Automation System. 
    Today, we has successfully completed significant numbers of project in Palm Oil Mill, Sawmill, Oil & Gas Plant, Cement Plant, Refinery Plant, Water Work Industries, Sewerage Plant, and Steel Industries.
    We have good supporting teams of engineering professionals with combined experiences to bring real solutions to real problems for your business and engineering success. Tomorrow, you can still count on us to be working with you.
  • Our core business
    • Palm Oil Mill Flow System
    • Boiler Flow System
    • Continuous Emission Monitoring System
    • Online Effluent Monitoring System
    • Dust Analyzer System
    • Smoke Density Meter
    • Gas Analyzer System
    • Total Boiler Control System
    • Water Treatment Control System
    • Industrial Automation System
  • Scope of Service:-
    • CEMS Monitoring System
    • Effluent Monitoring System
    • Water Distribution Control System
    • Gas Leak Detection System
    • Total Boiler Control System
    • Palm Oil Mill Control System
    • Water Treatment Plant Control System
  • Project Activities
    Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Service, Repair and Training for :-
    • Total Boiler Control System.
    • Palm Oil Mills Automation System
    • Pollution Control Instruments System.
    • Telemetry and Water Pumping Station Control Instrument System.
    • Electrical Switch Board With Process Control Instruments System.
    • Total Waste Water Control
    • Total CEMS system
  • Ball Control Valve
    Ball Control Valve
  • Subsea Temperature Monitoring
    Subsea Temperature Monitoring

    • Temperature Range: -200C to 1200C
    • Submersible, IP68 sensor
    • Class 0.2
    • Analogue Output 4-20mA
    • Digital RS485 Modbus Com
    • Cable length: 1000 meter
    • Cable Stopper
    • Economy
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System
    Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System
    • Fast, Stable & Accurate
    • Watertight enclosure
    • Compact size & Easy mounting
    • Excellent long term stability
    • Wide input voltage range (12Vdc-40Vdc)
    • On-site, two point calibration. (Zero & Span)
    • Wall mount type: TH-102W
    • Duct mount type: TH-102W
    • Seperated type: TH-103W
  • T-Port Strainer
    T-Port Strainer
    • Operating Temperature : (Carbon steel: -30 ~ 380C), (Stainless steel: -80 ~ 450C )
    • Operating pressure: 0.6 ~ 5Mpa
    • Body material: WCB, A106, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L etc.
    • Seal material: Asbestos, NBR, PTFE, Graphite + SS
    • Strainer Element material: Stainless Steel
    • Screen Mesh: 18 to 480 eyes, can be customize according to customer requirement
    • Shell inspection and test procedure: ISO 5208
  • Float Switch LS-LK-CPO10
    Float Switch LS-LK-CPO10
    • Suitable for CPO Tank and Hot Water Tank
    • Suitable for Hot and Vapor condition
    • Brass float
    • Cable is Stainless Steel 10 Meter
    • Contact: SPDT 240V/5A
    • Economy
  • Dust & Opacity Analyzer D10
    Dust & Opacity Analyzer D10
    • Continuous Monitoring in % (Opacity) & mg/m3 (Dust)
    • Alarm contact for exceeded limit
    • Aid to efficiency of combustion 
    • Meet to the department of Environmental Emission standard regulation
    • Acknowledge buzzer function
    • 4-20mA analog output for Dust & Opacity
    • RS485 Modbus Communication
    • Automatic zero & span check
    • Certified by TUV
  • Sintrol Dust Monitor S305
    Sintrol Dust Monitor S305
    • Linear monitor for stack monitoring applications
    • Automatic range setup
    • Automatic drift compensation
    • Can be calibrated to mg/m3 (dust concentration)
    • Remote configuration & data collection using RS422
    • Certified by TUV EN14181
    • Self zero and span check
    • Compensation for gas velocity variation
    • PIN code protection
  • Ultrasonic Transmitter UT1000
    Ultrasonic Transmitter UT1000
    • Easy Installation
    • Accurate Measurement
    • Various Applications
    • Selectable display in distance, Level
    • Range 0 to 10 M
    • 8 degree cone
    • 300mm blanking distance
    • Output 4-20mA
  • Float Switch
    Float Switch
    • Low Cost
    • Easy to install
    • High reliability
    • Range adjustable
    • Suitable for every type of liquids
    • Non-mercury contained meets environmental requirements
    • Pressure test up to 400KPa at 200o
    • Anti reversed impervious sealing
  • Air Cylinder Positioner ACP-XX
    Air Cylinder Positioner ACP-XX
    • Easy installation & operation
    • Control of small cylinders is positional
    • Compact design
    • Design for Boiler Combustion Damper Control
    • Input: 4 - 20 mA
    • Bore Size: 40mm to 200mm
    • Stroke 50mm to 500mm
    • Class Ex-Proof
    • Stainless Bracket
    • Warranty 2 years
  • Electro-Pneumatic Positional XCN-1000 Series
    Electro-Pneumatic Positional XCN-1000 Series
    • Input:4-20mA
    • Supply Pressure: Min 5 bar
    • Type: Liver or Rotary
    • Pass CE authentication,
    • Explosion proof : Exia II BT6, Exdm II BT6, Exdm II CT6 authentication,
    • IP66
    • High anti vibration (none effective in 5-200Hz)

  • BPV Control System
    BPV Control System
    • Modulating control on Make up pressure
    • Modulating control on Blow -off
    • Prevent Turbine trip
    • HMI & PLC system
  • Boiler Tube Cleaning Machine
    Boiler Tube Cleaning Machine
    The Model LKS-TCM is a machine that removal of scale from evaporator tubes can be an irksome and very tiring task, aswell as being costly, but it is one which is essential for the efficient running and operation of every palm oil mill and generalindustries. The job needs to be done quickly and effectively, at the lowest possible cost while at the same time damage to thetube walls must be avoided.
  • Borosilicate Gauge Glass
    Borosilicate Gauge Glass
    Size: A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6,A7,A8,A9,A10 and A11
    Type: Reflex and Transparent
    Thickness: 17mm / 17.5mm
    Class: Borosilicate
    Standard: DIN 7081

  • Borosilicate sight Glass
    Borosilicate sight Glass
    • Size(mm): 50, 65, 80, 90, 95, 100, 115, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 300 an etc..
    • Type: Reflex and Transparent
    • Thickness: 10 to 30mm
    • Class: Borosilicate
    • Standard: DIN 7081
  • HOBO Weather Station Data Logger
    HOBO Weather Station Data Logger
    Features:Eliminates complicated programming,wiring and calibration.Select up to 15 channels of measurement inputsDeploy for 1 year using 4 user replacable AA batteriesNon-volatile EEPROM memory retains dataAuxiliary battery connection allows battery change Data can be read out in the field using handcar EX softwareTo utilize in a smaller,less expensive; may consider 4 input microstation logger
  • VR18 Paperless Recorder
    VR18 Paperless Recorder

    VR18 is the world first paperless recorder of the same size with the highest resolution, infrared detector, 18 channels, plug & play I/O card, high flexibility, user friendly and shortest depth. VR18 can be used to monitor, record, evaluate the processes in the chemical, food & beverage, petrochemical, semi conductor, metal alloy, automotive, environmental monitoring or laboratory plants.
  • Total Suspended Solid Analyzer
    Total Suspended Solid Analyzer
    • LCD Display with Touch Screen Function
    • Auto Cleaning Function on Optional
    • Trending Graph
    • Memory Function 8GB USB Flash Card
    • RS232 communication for downloading function

  • Thermocouple & RTD Sensor
    Thermocouple & RTD Sensor
    • Advanced semiconductor technology
    • Low on state resistance
    • Multi-million cycle life
    • Compatible with most logic systems
    • Opt isolated 2500 VRMS.
    • High reliability
  • Pressure Transmitter P-250
    Pressure Transmitter P-250
    • Output: 4-20mA (2 wire)
    • Range: 1~-1/1000kg/cm2
    • Elec. Connect: DIN connector Cable, Bayonet  
    • Accuracy: ±0.2%, ±0.25%
    • Zero & Span adjusted
    • Diaphragm sensing type
    • Direct mounting
    • Operating Temperature range: -40oc to +125oc
    • Long term stability: ±0.25%
    • Electromagnetic Interference [EMI] Protection
    • Housing protection: IP65

  • Level Transmitter LT100-Piezo resistive
    Level Transmitter LT100-Piezo resistive
    • Range: 0 to 1 ~ 600 meter
    • Gauge, Absolute
    • IP68 Submersible
    • Output: 4-20mA (2-wire)
    • Supply: 24VDC
    • Built-in Lightning Arrestor

  • Inkless Recorder IR7000
    Inkless Recorder IR7000
    • 50mm direct thermal printing type recorders
    • Paperless recording data logger function
    • PC parameter setting and real-time monitoring
    • 0.2% high accuracy multi input (RTD, TC, Analog)
    • 2 channel synchronous recording 
    • Graphic mode/digital mode
    • Improved visibility with LCD dot matrix and easy parameter setting
    • Various optional I/O functions available
    • Print date and time
  • Barograph
    • Accuracy: ± 1 %
    • Battery: 1.5V AA-LR6 Alkaline
    • Case: AISI 304 steel stand and cover (stove enamelling at 160°C available on request).
    • Dimensions: 280x150xh.180 mm
    • Pressure measuring unit: 5 phosphor-bronze oleosteric capsules (chrome plated)
    • Weight: Kg 2,70 around
    • Writing: Synthetic fibre nib with non rechargeable cartridge
  • Tube Cleaner (TCM-LK-V1)
    Tube Cleaner (TCM-LK-V1)

    This is LKS second generation of tube cleaner is also an electrical driven tube cleaning machine and is specially designed for cleaning a boiler straight tube, chillers, condensers, evaporators, absorption machine and heat exchanger. This electrical driven cleaning machine is suitable for tubes size in between 1 ¼” to 4" internal diameter.
  • High Performance Butterfly Valve
    High Performance Butterfly Valve
    • Type: High Performace
    • Size; 2" to 14"
    • Actuator
    • Positional
    • Indicator
    • Solenoid Valve
    • Gear Manual Override
    • Seal: Metal/PTFE/Carbon Fill/Hard Rubber
    • Connection: Wafer/Flange
  • Sterilizer Control Panel
    Sterilizer Control Panel
    • Line 1 to line 10
    • Different programming of process
    • Real Time Monitoring
    • Interlocking sterilizer
    • Interlocking Door
    • Link to BPV
    • Applicable for Horizontal/Vertical/Spherical Sterilizer

  • IRT Fan
    IRT Fan
    • Boiler ID Fan
    • Hard facing Plate / Dual-plate
    • Design for prevent high corrosion
    • Size: IRT6000
    • Customize service available
  • PID Analyzer
    PID Analyzer
    • PID Principle
    • Output: 4-20mA
    • Com: RS485 Modbus
    • Display: LED
    • Calibration feature
    • Flushing Feature
    • Sensor Life Span 1 year
  • CEMS
    • Continuous Emission Monitoring System: DOE
    • Approved: TUV/M-Cert/US-EPA Approved Product
    • 100% Online to DOE
    • Maintenance Service Contract
    • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Service Contract
    • Gas Analyzer, Opacity and Dust Analyzer is available
  • Portable Infra-red Gas Analyzer LKS-1000P
    Portable Infra-red Gas Analyzer LKS-1000P
    • Up to 4 gases measurement with combination of NDIR & ECD gas sensor technology
    • Simple construction with pulsable infrared source and two beams technology 
    • Li-ion battery inside
    • LCD 320*240 with menu operation
    • Data storage 1,000 data recording
    • Sampling pump inside
  • Gas Analyzer LKS-1000F
    Gas Analyzer LKS-1000F
    Features:Max channel up to 5 gases for one slot of 19”x3ULCD Display: 320 x 240 (mm)Repeatability: ±0.5% FSLinearity: ±1% FSZero/Span drift: ±2%FSH2O in fuel gas don’t affect measurement of SO2 and NOSampling flow don’t affect measurement of SO2/NO/CO/CO2CO and NO2 don’t affect measurement of SO2 ,NORS-232 interfaceAnalogue output: 4-20mASensor type: NDIR and Electrochemical, Cetify: TUV
  • Horizontal Level Switch LY-100
    Horizontal Level Switch LY-100
    • Operating Temp: 120C
    • Stainless steel
    • Pressure up to 5 bar
    • Switch: Reed switch
    • NO/NC
    • Connection: 1/2" BSP
    • Contact: 1A/240VAC
  • NG, LPG Gas Flow Meter
    NG, LPG Gas Flow Meter
    • Diaphragm Type
    • Low pressure
    • Mechanical register
    • Model: G1.6/4.0/G10
    • Flow 1.6 or 4 or 10 M3/Hr
  • Boiler Panel
    Boiler Panel
    • Fan Starter
    • Pump Starter
    • Steam Flow Meter
    • Water Flow Meter
    • Steam Pressure
    • Smoke density meter
    • Draft combustion control
    • Water Level Control
    • Water Level Alrm and Safety Cut OFF
    • CO2 Gas Analyzer