Chef Siew Cake Art & Culinary Sdn. Bhd.

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  • College Profile
    Baking is considered as a profession that has the greatest potential nowadays. In recent years baking colleges have been springing up. Some of them follow the system of “Apprenticeship Training” and form their classes under the name of a “college” while others attract students by offering prize awards or overseas study trips. Very few really offer proper education in a practical way.
  • 学院简介






  • Teaching Brand
    Teaching Brand
    “Chef Siew Cake Art & Culinary Sdn. Bhd.” is one of these few baking colleges offering the proper education desired. We won our reputation as a ‘teaching brand’ in the sector in the past few years. With the exquisite skills learnt from us, our students received respect and trust from others in the workplace. Each of them is like our “brand messenger”.
  • Optimized Teaching
    Optimized Teaching
    We have compiled a set of systematic, professional and practical lessons for students equipping them with a good knowledge in theories and exquisite skills until they have fully grasped our teachings. What we impart in them are not the crude techniques of the past but the skills greatly demanded in the workplace in future.
  • Advantages Of Education
    Advantages Of Education
    In our college, you will experience a proper education different from others. We have “optimized teaching”, “elite system”, “university point system”, “learning on special subjects” etc. in store for you. Students will be more knowledgeable and better than other college graduates in knowledge, skills and related info.
  • Principal Profile
    Principal Profile
    “Chef Siew Cake Art & Culinary Sdn. Bhd. ” was founded by Chef Esben Siew. With his professional baking skills and modern corporate management, he successfully established his “teaching brand” in Perak state within just a few years. In recent years, he put in much effort to develop creative baking as well as concentrated on teaching.
    Chef Siew is from a baking family. Under the influence of his father, he began to cultivate a keen interest in baking since his young days. At the age of 20, he was already appointed advisor to several cake houses and baking ingredient companies. He is also the youngest baker in Malaysian history to obtain the “Malaysian Chefs’ Association Diploma”.
  • 关于院长



    虽然已创立自己的品牌学教教院,但是对邵师而言,在竞争的年代不前进就等于落伍,所以他于2007年飞往中国苏州深造,专攻艺术蛋糕理论、朱古力制作及造型理论、西点甜品制作理论及烘焙制作理论等课程。 惟有永无休止的学习,方能站在烘焙潮流的尖端,所以邵师傅每年都出国考察,摄取当代海外最先进及最前卫的烘焙技艺,并将资讯与技艺转移到学院教学。

  • Chef Esben Siew
    Chef Esben Siew
    Under the influence of his father, he began to cultivate a keen interest in baking since his young days. At the age of 20, he was already appointed advisor to several cake houses and baking ingredient companies. He is also the youngest baker in Malaysian history to obtain the “Malaysian Chefs’ Association Diploma”.
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    We do not resort to boasting to please others. We have testimonials from our graduates, special recommendations from friends in baking sector and comments from employers. A baker may become famous overnight after winning a prize but for a ‘teaching brand’, it can build its reputation only over a long period of time. Come! We welcome you to become our “Brand Messengers”. Contact us at 605-2412088.
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    Despite his successful establishment of his own ‘teaching brand’ for his college, Chef Siew was never complacent as he believed that in this competitive age, one would either move forward or drop behind. So, in 2007 he flew to Suzhou, China for self-enhancement, taking up courses that specially dealt with the theories on artistic cakes, chocolates making and shaping theories, theories on cookies and desserts making and theories on baking.
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    His tireless efforts in learning put him in the leading position for trendy baking. So, every year Chef Siew would go for study trips overseas to absorb the most advanced and state-of-the art baking techniques that would be introduced to the college later.
  • Strategic Alliance
    Strategic Alliance
    This is an age of “Grand Alliance”. People who are observant will notice that currently many enterprises are not sole proprietorships but rather business alliances with right partners. More importantly, many of these individual cases have proven that business alliance is the solution to wealth seeking.
    We have a mature and stable alliance solution in place. For example, in Kota Kinabalu in East Malaysia, we have established our Alliance Branch "Chef Siew Baking Cake Art & Culinary Sdn. Bhd." and in the capital Kuala Lumpur we have set up the second branch college.We will unreservedly share our valuable experiences with our partners helping them achieve better business performance thereby creating win-win opportunities.
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    We offer help in the preparation work before the opening of the shop including setting up of the kitchen, design of the shop, supply of machineries and ingredients etc. On the soft facilities, we have the hygiene system for the kitchen, shop management and training of staff. A complete, feasible and perfect business plan is ready. What is needed is to find the right partner to get it started. A golden opportunity of business alliance is awaiting you. Act now and contact us at 605-2412088.
  • 策略联盟




    开店前的筹备包括厨房安排、店面设计、机械 与原料供应等等。在软体方面,更有厨房卫生 系统、店面管理及员工培训等。我们拥有整套 完善及可行的经营计划,只欠合适的合作伙伴。良好的联盟商机,就从这通电话开始: 605-2412088。

  • Optimized Training
    A master from an “Apprenticeship Training college” teaches the same old techniques applicable during his time requiring students to reproduce ‘acceptable’ work only before they graduate. However, in this fast changing era, what you have learnt can be the ‘past’ techniques of 5, 6 years ago. This is a prevalent weakness found in the teaching sector
    .In order to let students obtain first hand information and master the latest exquisite skills, we have initiated the “Optimized Teaching”. For example, the College will from time to time invite renowned masters specializing in certain fields to be our guest lecturers. They will teach students special baking lessons for 1 or 2 days to allow students to learn from different masters. Besides the special lessons, we also invite outstanding bakers to conduct a few-hour forum or demonstration. Students may be able to keep pace with others in baking business after mastering the latest info and acquiring a good knowledge and skills in baking.
  • 优秀教学


    除了专题之外,我们也会邀请当代烘焙界翘楚,给予学员数小时精彩的主题讲座或示范会。掌握时下烘焙业的最新资讯,让学员的厚实知识及技艺,与当下烘焙业的步伐接轨。 “优化教学”当然包括学员对烘焙业的见识。如安排学员到国内多家著名原料厂参观,并邀请厂方派出资深专员,向学员讲解原料的制造及最新的机械,给学员跨学科的实用知识,学富五车。

  • Pay & Learn System ,a short-sighted vision.
    "Optimized teaching " provided by proper colleges.
    Optimized Teaching” also includes enhancing students’ knowledge in baking. We make arrangements for students to visit local famous ingredient factories. The factory management will send its experienced personnel to introduce to students the manufacturing process of ingredients and the latest machineries. Students will benefit a lot from this practical knowledge involving a variety of subjects.
  • Enviroment
    Many colleges spend a considerable sum on its décor. The beautifully decorated classrooms look splendid with rows of desks and chairs well arranged like those found in a secondary school. Each student has access to the machineries and equipment at his seat. These may look beautiful outwardly but may mislead students too. Students will find out after graduation that there is actually a great difference between the workplace and the classrooms they are familiar with. A gap is thus felt either psychologically or on their habitual doings. Hence their performance is adversely affected. In fact, no workplace can provide you with an individual seat equipped with your own machineries and equipment.
  • 卓越环境





  • Elitism
    Professional colleges have a perfect system in place for training students in pursuit of students’ quality and performance at workplace. For example, we adopt the point (credit) system as in a university. Points will be awarded for each subject and students can qualify for graduation only when they fulfill the point requirements.
  • 精英制度


    “买师学院”只讲究利润,学员“顺利”毕业代表完成一单交易。但对我们而言,毕业生出去就代表了学院对外的使者。所以我们绝不降低门槛迁就学员毕业,因为学员会直接影响到我们的教学品牌。 提高学员良性竞争力,好让他们往后在职场上成为烘焙领袖。学院不时举办比赛,以加强学员竞争力,从中也让他们得知自己的不足。胜出的学员固然获颁奖杯,而榜上无名的学员也会获得的辅导。人人有份。

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    There are 2 types of air-conditioned rooms in our College: A theory room for introducing machineries and equipment to students to familiarize themselves with the equipment besides learning the theories; a simulated kitchen like the one found in a workplace. When technical lessons are conducted here with stainless steel table in the center, the ambience created will be the same as in an actual workplace kitchen.
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    Psychologists pointed out that an environment has a great impact on a person physically and mentally. When classrooms are designed like the kitchens in a workplace, students can start learning how to foster a close rapport with colleagues and can get settled in a workplace more easily after graduation. As they do not feel any gap psychologically or on habitual doings, they can perform well and will be highly regarded by their employers.
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    Apprenticeship Training” Colleges pursue profits only and smooth-sailing graduation only means a business transaction is completed. However, it is not so for us. A graduate leaving our College is a messenger of the College. We will not lower our threshold to suit the students as it has a direct impact on our teaching brand.We strive to make our students more competitive so that they may become future baking leaders in the workplace. The College holds competitions from time to time to enhance their competitive strength and to detect their own weaknesses. Winners will undoubtedly be awarded trophies while losers will also be given extra guidanc
  • .
    Practical lessons are meant to prepare students going into a workplace. Before graduation, they will be sent to a workplace which serves as a test platform for practical. The College will get feedbacks on students’ performance directly from the employers. All students must obtain satisfactory assessments from their employers to ensure they will become good bakers in future.
  • Characteristics of Education
    *Using tablet PC on Teaching
    *Study Abroad & Visit A Large Baking Enterprise
    *Baking Training Specialist 100% hands on Practical
    *80%practical 20% Theory
    *English & Chinese Lecture
    *Provide Reread Program
    *About 8-12 Students Per Class
    *Arrangement of training in hotels or Cake shop
    *Recommendation of Participation in Competitions
    *Arrangement of Accommodation for outstation students
  • Advantages in Education
    The main difference between an “Apprenticeship Training” college and a professional college is that the former teaches with fragmentary notes while the latter has a set of systematic lessons. “Chef Siew Cake Art & Culinary Sdn. Bhd. ”  has compiled its lessons based on the requirements for formal education and is therefore highly educational.
    A proper education is to equip students with the expertise in baking that in turn helps them enhance in creativity. Many creations in baking are contributed by bakers’ expertise which is the source of inspirations. Teaching of techniques should be based on professional knowledge too.  Both are equally essential.
  • 教学强势




  • Teaching System
    There is a relaxed atmosphere of learning here but the requirement on our teaching system is stringent. We are one of the few proper baking colleges that adopt a “university system”. “A high quality student is trained by a good master” there goes a Chinese saying. Students are viewed as our “Brand Messengers”. Therefore we cannot afford to relax our teaching requirements.
  • 教学制度

    学习的气氛是轻松的, 但学院的制度却是沉重的。 我们是少数采用“大学制”的正规烘焙学院。 正所谓“名师出高徒”, 学员是我们的“品牌使者”, 所以师资关口把守得更紧。



  • .
    Having a strong teaching staff lineup, we continue with our efforts to ensure our professional teaching qualities.  It is a condition that each teacher must contribute innovative creations in his specialized field every month and that he must achieve successes in theories or techniques every year. For example, teachers in combined efforts published a 160-page cookery book in 2009.
  • .
    The College encourages teachers to go for competitions or study trips overseas every year. Participation in competitions is not for pursuing fame but for extending their horizons and absorbing new info. A prize won is only recognition of a teacher’s techniques but not his teaching. What the College really needs are not “champion stars” but teachers who can help train good and knowledgeable bakers.
  • Course
    "Just A Course,To Reach Your Achievement"
    *Pro Baking Advance Course
    *Pro.baking Course
    *Specialism Baking Certificate Course
    *Higher Level For Pottery Cake
    *Higher Level For Sugar Paste
    *Specialism Sugar Art Certificate Course
    *Degree of Baking Management & Theory
    *One Day DIY Baking Class