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• Specialise In All Types of Vibrating Screen
Magnetic Separator & Vibrator.
• Provide Solution / Consultation / Repair
Service On Screening, Magnet, Comply
to Food Safety Standard.

• We Custom Design & Make All Size Of Rod / Plate / Pulley / Liquid Filter / Pot / Disc / Block / U-Shape Ceramic -NdFeB - Alnico Magnet Which Suit And Comply To Your Product Specification
• We Provided Solution / Consultation / Modification / Calibration / Repair / Measuring Magnet Services -Comply To HACCP / GMP / ISO 9000 Standard (Sirim Approved)

• Ex-Stock With Full Range of Electrical
& Pneumatic Vibrator
• Three Phase / Single Phase Electric Vibrator
• Pneumatic Turbine/ Ball/ Roller/ Piston/ Impactor
/ Knocker / Air Cushion Vibrator
• Vibrating Feeder & Screen
• Custom Made Magnetic Separator.
Provide Solution / Consultation / Measuring &
Repairing Service Comply To HACCP /
GMP / ISO 9000 Standard (Sirim Approved)

  • Products
    • MAGNETIC RODS are commonly used to remove small to medium size ferrous tramp metal contaminant from a variety of product streams, removing unwanted ferrous contaminant's in food and chemical processing systems, thus improving product quality standards.
    • The Magnetic Rods may be used as individual units or part of multiple row arrangements.
    • Customer Designed are also welcomed
    • Plate Magnets are designed for use in gravity-fed angled chutes which convey low to high volume product streams. Typical installations are below-the-flow, where product flows over the magnetic face.
    • Standard models have a SS magnetic face with a SS barrier strip. SPECIAL BARRIERS STRIP or STEPS, MOUNTING HOLES supply upon request.Custom size can be supply on request.
    • You can order Vibra Magnetic Plate with the magnetic material best suited to your application. Standard units use Ceramic magnets.
    • The surface of the magnet which come into contact with the material flow are made of SS 304. Behind portion non magnetic side is fitted with a threaded hole for mounting purpose.
    • Optional SS casing & Rare Earth magnet available upon request.
    • Magnetic Filter are designed to extract iron particlel from the slurry or liquid raw materials in order to purify the material in the production process. The unit is simply connected to the existing pipeline via flanged or threaded ends. Comply to Food Grade Standard.
    • All of magnetic bars are waterproof. Well polished.

    • We have Square and Round type Grate Magnets. The bars can with Ceramic or Rare-earth magnet material to suit your application. Diverter can be attached to the grates. All the magnetic bars are waterproof. Well polished.  Bars can be supplied either unhoused or housed in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your application.
    • Special size can be custom order.

    • We Provided Solution / Consultation / Modification / Calibration / Repair / Measuring Magnet Services - Comply To HACCP / GMP / ISO 9000 Standard (Sirim Approved)
    • Repair Permanent Magnet
    • Measure Permanent Magnet strenght
    • Magnetic Head Pulley are designed to remove both large and small ferrous tramp iron contaminant’s from product streams in belt conveyor systems. magnetic pulley separators provide a continuous, automatic removal of tramp iron from the material's flow.
    • Magnetic pulley separators are typically used as head pulleys in belt conveyors.
    • Drawer Magnet is designed to remove fine ferrous particle and tramp iron from free-flowing materials such as plastics, foods, cosmetics, sugar, spices, chemicals, grains.
    • This magnet unit, consisting of powerful permanent magnet bars arranged in grid patterns, is used to draw iron particles into the magnetic field and hold them there as material flows through the lattic.
    • Pipe Magnet is an efficient, cost effective device for extracting iron particles from within pipelines or gravity feed chutes
    • The pipe magnet consists of a conical powerful magnet.
    • When material flows over the magnet, ferrous particles are attracted to the magnetic surface.
    • Available with either ceramic or powerful rare earth magnets.
    • Custom size can be supply on request
    • Permanent Suspended Plate Magnet is recommended for product with low contamination, are powerful and non-electric units.
    • It is designed for high separation of ferrous metal from free flowing granular or clumping material in over-the belt conveyor, chutes and vibratory screens.
    • Can be installed either at the end of the belt above the head drum or across conveyor.
    • Custom size.
    • Magnetic Hump is an in-line magnet for extracting ferrous metals from pneumatic conveyor systems.
    • The dust-proof galvanised steel hump contains two powerful magnetic plates positioned at right angles to each other. Materials passing through the conveyor system are evenly distributed through the hump and across the magnets with little turbulence and no blockage.
    • Permanent Magnetic Sheet Separator is a simple and effective tools for separating large quantities of ferrous sheets for ease of handling.
    • When quantites of sheet steel are placed against the face of the sheet separator, a constant powerful permanent magnet field automatically separators the sheets. As fast at the top sheet is removed, the next sheet instantly moves up.
    • Neodymium Magnets
    • Ferrite Magnets (Ceramic)
    • SmCo Magnets
    • AlNiCo Magnets
    • Pot Magnets are often used as tools for various activities in workshops and in industry. They can be used for holding workpieces whilst welding, cutting, milling or drilling etc.
    • Permanent pot magnets can be supplied in three specific materials, these are Ceramic, Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt pot magnets and can be supplied in many various size.
    • Flexible Magnet can be cut, bent, twisted, coiled, punched, slit or die cut to shapes without loss of magnetic energy. This kind of magnet can be easily cut using scissor or cutter.
    • Vibra” also offers custom fabrication services. We can slit to width, cut to length or laminate adhesives or vinyl’s according to your requirement.
    • Available in various thickness, size & shape.
    • Magnetic Road Sweepers is the perfect choice to remove nails and other potentially damaging metal debris from parking lots, runways, shop floors and roads. 
    • These permanent magnet sweepers are built to last with heavy-duty construction and convenient features. 
    • Available in Ceramic or Rare Earth magnet material.

    Ex-stock in full range of Electrical & Pneumatic Vibrator.

    • Electric Vibrators - 2 pole / 4 pole / 6 pole & 8 pole.
    • 3 phase / 1 phase
    • Pneumatic Vibrator - Golden Turbine Vibrator, Ball Vibrator, Roller, Knocker, Piston Vibrator, etc.
    • Super High Sensivity Handheld Metal Detector for Security, Timber Log, Gold / Treasure / Pipe & Cable Locator.
    • We Provide Renting & Repair Services.

    Sematic Magnet Custom Design & Made all kind and sizes of Magnetic Product, Rod Magnet, Plate Magnet, Magnetic Pulley, Liquid Filter, Magnetic Trap, Lifting Magnet, Grate Magnet and other Permanent Magnetic Separator Systems which comply to your product specification. Magnet toolds, Pot Magnet, Disc Magnet, Ring Magnet, Block Magnets, U-Shape Magnet / Ceramic Magnets, Ferrite Magnet, Rare Earth.


    We Provide Solution, Consultation, Modification, Calibration, Repair Magnet, Measuring Magnet service comply to HACCP / GMP / ISO 9000 standard (SIRIM Approved). Custom Design Permanent Magnetic Systems, Magnetic Separators, Rubber Magnet (Flexible Magnet), Pot Magnet, Magnetic Tools, Lifting Magnet, Magnetic Sweeper, Electro Magnet & Other Permanent Magnet Material For Industries & Commercial.

  • External Vibrator

    Vibrator Product For Solving Bulk Material Handling.

    • Industrial Electrical Vibrator Motor, External Electric Vibrator, Concrete Vibrator
    • Pneumatic Golden Turbine Vibrator, Pneumatic Ball Vibrator, Pneumatic Roller Vibrator
    • Pneumatic Impactor, Pneumatic Knocker
    • Air Cushion Vibrator.  
    • Portable Metal Detector, Portable Scanner
    • Handheld Metal Detector, Body Scanner
    • Security Metal Detector, Security Scanner
    • Timber Log Metal Detector, Textile Metal Detector, Treasure Metal Detector
    • High Security Walkthrough Metal Detector